New York Times Best Selling Author Releases New Book to Help Athletes Improve Performance

Dr. James B. Maas has taught sleep and performance to more than 65,000 college students, as well as thousands of corporate executives and athletes. Maas’ last book, “Sleep for Success!,” was a New York Times Best Seller that helped executives worldwide excel in the boardroom. Now Dr. Maas and his colleague Haley Davis present “Sleep to Win!,” a resource to help athletes of every age improve performance and increase success on the playing field.

“Sleep to Win!” gives valuable information on how to improve stamina, reaction time and recovery time for athletes. Dr. Maas has personally worked with athletes of every skill level, from young children to Olympic athletes, and noted dramatic increase in performance based on his methods.

“From puberty until the mid-20’s, you need just over nine hours of sleep every night to be fully alert, yet often manage only six or seven hours. This lack of sleep results in significant deleterious effects on cognitive performance,” says Maas. “I learned that better sleep hygiene plays a pivotal role in enhancing academic performance. Since many of my students were scholar-athletes, I started working with teams and individuals striving to become better at their sport. The results of paying attention to sleep were immediate and profound.”

“Sleep to Win!” provides readers with well-defined rules for getting good sleep in addition to well-defined strategies for improving sleep habits. “If you are human, chances are you’re at least somewhat sleep-deprived and could use some help. Sleep to Win! can give you that extra edge and change your athletic performance – literally overnight,” says Maas.


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