Are YOU Getting Enough Sleep?

Most students and adults are sleep deprived, causing marked reduction in their productivity, concentration and quality of work, as well as an increase in moodiness, stress, accidents, illness and shortened life span. Several leading Fortune 500 companies and professional associations, as well as professional sports teams,  are learning that it is neither “macho” nor smart … Continue reading

New York Times Best Selling Author Releases New Book to Help Athletes Improve Performance

Dr. James B. Maas has taught sleep and performance to more than 65,000 college students, as well as thousands of corporate executives and athletes. Maas’ last book, “Sleep for Success!,” was a New York Times Best Seller that helped executives worldwide excel in the boardroom. Now Dr. Maas and his colleague Haley Davis present “Sleep … Continue reading

Sleep to Win!

“Professional hockey player Mike Greenza was a first-round draft pick out of Cornell University, full of youth, talent, and unlimited potential. Midway through his second NHL season, that potential is still unrealized. He and his team struggle, scraping the bottom of their division. A chance comment by Greenza’s little sister, Britt, changes everything. Reacting to … Continue reading